How to flash Helly Bean:

Coming from GB:

1.Download from the website( Link ) the version you want to flash and the addons file for the version of the rom you downloaded.
2.Move the rom and addons zip files to the sdcard.
3a. If you don't have root access, you can go Xda and search for CF-Root or Semaphore Kernel for GB. Flash the kernel using Odin, then proceed to 3b.
3b. If you have root and a Custom Kernel with CWM, you can proceed to rebooting your device to CWM by either using the Reboot to recovery option, or by turning off the device, and then turning it on using the 3 button combo - Volume Up + Home + Power.
Next we will proceed to install the CM10 Rom.
4. In CWM you have to choose - Install zip from SDCARD, then Select zip from SDCARD, and then select YES, and wait for the process to finish.
5. Now, you have to reboot in recovery again. This step is necessary, or else you will be blocked in a bootloop, either with the Galaxy S Logo, or with the Devil Logo. Yo